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September 2, 2020

If you're welcoming a new bundle of joy, first off, congratulations. Now comes taking on many new responsibilities. 4moms know that you've gotta get stuff done. As working from home continues trending, a new batch of duties comes with it. With the baby at home, time management is crucial to getting through each day successfully and productively.

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If you know that the calendar will be filled with virtual meetings and work projects will occupy your day, finding quality nurturing time, meaningful for you and the baby is essential. And if you've got older children at home, learning to adjust to homeschooling, then a 4moms high-tech baby product will help you keep all that multi-tasking organized. 

4moms has the perfect solutions to let the baby feel all the connected comforts of human motion. Using proprietary, innovative technology, 4moms has created the ideal smart bassinets, seats and swings, playpens, and bath accessories to make the baby feel loved and cared for, so you aren't continually pulling focus. 

Hopefully, in all the new ways of working and living and learning, you'll get in a little bit of "you" time, to read, have a cup of tea, or just stare out the window, to get yourself reinvigorated for the afternoon. For all the other hectic times in your busy day, 4moms has got you covered.  

The Rock-a-Roo®

If you love a rocking chair's comforting feel, then the 4moms 5-speed Rock-a-Roo® chair is a great solution. Its compact design is 1/3 the size of a traditional baby swing. The seat is covered in a cool-touch machine-washable mesh fabric, and the chair features an entertaining toy mobile, with reversible, removable toys. 

An auxiliary port lets you plug in and play soothing music. Simultaneously, the chair's 5-speed dial enables you to select the perfect rocking motion, imitating the feeling of rocking the baby in a traditional rocking chair. And that motion provides perpetual baby smiles and soothing naps! DOwnload the 4moms app for one-touch controls even when you’re in the next room.

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New moms love this chair because it keeps the baby content and offers some well-appointed breaks acting as the perfect alternative to holding a newborn baby that can't quite adjust to being in anything but a parent's arms.

The Rock-a-Roo® chair makes a great gift too. 4moms offer free shipping, and with this coupon code, you can take advantage of the significant savings and send the gift of nurturing comfort to the new baby and an extra helping-hand to the busy mom!

Nurturing at Home

Prioritizing each day looks a little different. Spending time with the baby, staying focused on work, and dividing equal amounts of time with your other children can feel daunting and add unnecessary stress. Try these simple wellbeing tips:  

  • Make meals easy. Prepare dinners in advance, reach for the eggs and bacon, make toast, and have breakfast for dinner. You’ll actually spend more quality time at the table if the meals have less prep and cooking time.

  • Say “No” to social events right now, even the small ones. Read books aloud, go for a short family nature hike - even if it’s just through your neighborhood - point out exciting things that you see along the way.

  • If you workout at home, let the baby be present, watching your motions. Babies respond to all types of visual stimuli.

  • When it’s bath time, place a 4moms clean water tub over the kitchen sink, and turn on the faucet. The unique channel design lets clean water flow in, and the dirty water flows out. A large color-coded digital thermometer tells you exactly when the water is too cold, too hot, and just right.

  • Most of all, between the work, and the chores, the baths and naps, the homework, making sandwiches and mac-n-cheese, and whatever else you’ve got going on, make dedicated time for just you and the baby. Put the baby in a 4moms Rock-a-Roo® chair, plug in some soothing meditation music, set the 5-speed rocker motion dial, and chill out. 

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