Are YOU a Motivator?

September 16, 2020

Do you encourage others to get involved? Do you like to inspire people? Challenge people to be better, and think deeper about themselves and their potential? And do you celebrate and show appreciation towards people for their accomplishments? If you’re able to give selflessly, take pride in helping others succeed, and enjoy the rush of positive energy you get by helping others in return, then YOU are a motivator.

And if you’re a motivator, then The American Council on Fitness (ACE) wants you to “set the pace so that you can take the lead.” Take the lead in what you’re asking? Good question! 

“Learn the latest evidence-based exercise science fundamentals, principles of behavior change, and client-centered methodologies you can apply from the start.” The start of your new career as a certified personal trainer. Here’s some motivation in the form of an ACE $100 coupon good towards an ACE Personal Trainer Study Program.

Personal training is an excellent way to motivate others. Perhaps you’ve had a fantastic life-transforming workout or worked with a personal trainer to achieve new body image goals or lose weight. Maybe you know someone who has. Feel like you’ve got what it takes to inspire others - pay it forward... 

Take the first step of becoming a personal trainer with ACE. Use this $100 savings coupon good towards an ACE Personal Trainer Study Program.

ACE Personal Trainer Study Program

If you've ever considered helping others stay motivated through fitness, here's the best reason an ACE Personal Training program is a great option: you study at your own pace on your own time. The study material is available as a fully digital course, or a hybrid course combining digital and hard copy material. 

Courses include read, watch, and listen components, consisting of textbook, charts, graphics, videos, and audiobooks to take your learning on the go and scheduled demonstrations and activities available to you throughout the course. Your program, scheduled on your time. Customize your learning style, so you feel totally engaged.

ACE practice tests, quizzes, and interactive learning exercises let you track your study progress along the way: useful progress indicators, smart notifications, and alerts, calendars, and reminders. You'll stay organized all along the way while you're learning.

Dig in deeper as you learn; attend a live Q&A webinar, sign up for a facilitated study group or check-in at the self-service library and access the latest educational resources and material for your Personal Trainer Study Program. Click HERE for a free preview. 

When you're ready to take the ACE Certification Exam, check to ensure you meet the requirements and have the time. Once you pass the ACE Certification Exam, you'll be eligible for ACE extended benefits, including:

  • Profile in the USREPS national registry.
  • Your profile added to the "Find Your Trainer" national database.
  • Discounts on liability insurance.
  • ACE's free digital monthly fitness publication.
  • Connections to fitness employers
  • Continuing education opportunities.

As a certified personal trainer, you'll help all types of people looking for motivation. You discover exciting ways to help them maintain a positive mindset and embrace body-positivity. You'll set attainable work out goals, offer surprise fitness rewards, and offer new, customized workouts that mix up the workout routine and set YOUR clients up for success. 

After all, "change is one of the best antidotes for boredom," and healthy workouts, supported by a caring and supportive personal trainer, can only be achieved through constant motivation. Why not turn your profession into a passion! 

If you need some change in your life, and you're ready to motivate people to feel better and look better, and live healthier lives, start with this $100 savings coupon and enroll today in an ACE Personal Trainer Study Program

Military discounts are available. Get started by using this ACE 20% savings coupon!

Discover how ACE gets people motivated and moving in communities around the world. There has never been a need for motivation other than right now. If reading this blog motivated you, click on this ACE savings coupon to get started. CHOOSE your program, PREPARE for your exam, LAUNCH your career as a Personal Trainer.

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