Are You Ready For Back to Home School?

August 7, 2020

For so many families this fall, “Back-to-Home-School,” is sounding like somewhat of an oxymoron, yet with the first day of school only a few weeks away, homeschool looks to be the new normal. As school districts and parents continue to pivot and have vital conversations about how to further our next generation’s education while navigating COVID-19 safely, one thing is clear: the concept of where children will continue their education is changing. Whether hybrid schedules or homeschooling are the answer has yet to be determined; however, the necessary resources and tools for success are paramount to every child receiving a quality learning experience in the 2020-21 school year.

Even though your child may be utilizing a laptop or tablet for a portion of their daily learning exercises, you’re going to need a reliable inventory of tried and true school supplies to supplement what should’ve been their in-class assignments. Get your kids set up for success. First, set up a meeting with their teacher to get a comprehensive understanding of what the online learning portion of their continuing education looks like, then ask what necessary supplies will help your child navigate a successful and immersive online, homeschool experience. Next, find the best digital coupons to help you save money while you shop for your child’s home classroom.

First and foremost, your child needs a dedicated space for learning, away from the television and other electronic temptations. Consider purchasing a functional table or desk, which mimics the classroom. Find a quiet place in your home dedicated to learning, and moderately decorate the space. Add special touches, like a desk lamp, colorful table cloth, pencil holder, and a few extra individual bits; hand-picked by your child like a school mascot banner, colorful desktop organizer, unique items that encompass their personality. Digital coupons can help you stock up with the standard school supplies: notebook paper or spiral ring notebooks, No. 2 pencils, and a sharpener, a useful calculator, a Dry Erase board, and markers for daily learning activities, to share during Zoom class or one-on-one time with the teacher. File folders or a sturdy ring binder teaches kids organization skills and keeps individual class assignments ready to share or scan and download or email. Consider a wall map for geography and history.

Make sure to allow your kids time to tap into their creative side. Stock up on plenty of art supplies, a collection of quality paintbrushes, construction paper, glue sticks, crayons, and age-appropriate projects, activity, and craft kits, so downtime, between classes and learning exercises, are still constructive and hold your child’s attention. Fold in some fun and individual expression, and hang their art around their dedicated learning space as the year progresses. Finally, buy a new backpack, so that all school supplies are packed and transported back to the bedroom or closet at the end of each home school day. Establishing a routine is critical, as so many students have been used to regular school routines. They need to continue to build muscle memory to develop a sense of security, develop self-discipline, and accomplish the same academic achievements from home as they would in the classroom.

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If leaving the house and shopping isn’t your thing right now, there are plenty of online stores to consider to bring the school supplies home. Fill your basket with all the best back-to-homeschool supplies and have them delivered to your front door or mailbox with contactless delivery, and don’t forget to use a digital coupon for extra savings!

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