Dining Out at Home

August 18, 2020

Question:Is less weekly grocery shopping and more daily on-demand food ordering currently trending in your life? You’re in good company!  The demand for fast food and restaurant delivery has increased by 70% over 2019 and due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Have you heard of Freshly? It’s a better alternative in the on-demand food delivery universe. When you use Freshly, you’ll experience already prepared easy-to-cook dinners packed with nutrition and deliciousness!

The Freshly Difference

There are dozens of online platforms and apps to order your favorite pizza, pasta, ice cream, and international delights. Your order, and you wait. It’s hit or miss. Sometimes the food comes quickly and piping hot. Other times, the driver hands you bag with lukewarm burgers and fries.


Freshly offers delicious cuisine options, affordable weekly meal plans, including some of your favorite take-out staples. And you heat the meals, so every entree is perfection when you sit down to eat! With a delivery model that takes the flavors and freshness of all of your favorite home cooked and restaurant favorites, onestep higher, it’s time to ask yourself, “Are you ready to live Freshly?”  

Focus on Great-Tasting Meals

The drawback to ordering on-demand food delivery from restaurants is trusting that the Special Instructions you leave, at checkout, makes it into the meal and the food is prepared to your liking.

Not with Freshly; you can trust them to get your order right every time.

If you prefer sodium-smart, sugar-reduced, dairy-free, gluten-free, or soy-free meals, Freshly offers all the filters you need when searching for your weekly meal delivery.

Focus on great-tasting meals and bring home perfectly balanced nutrition that meets your dietary needs.

With Freshly, you customize your meals in advance. Before you order, find the ingredients online or on the Freshly app. Freshly includes all the special cooking and heating instructions with each meal. Your meals are prepared from scratch after you order, and Freshly is meticulous about how they send your meals to your home. Using only tested packaging Freshly ensures freshness for 2 shipping days plus 12 hours.


Focus on other details of your life. Freshly has lunch and dinner covered.

Chef-Cooked Classics in 3 minutes

Chicken Parmesan on Monday? Seared Summer Steak on Tuesday? How about a Due South Beef BBQ on Sunday? Sure! Freshly can prepare those for you; and 32 other rotating entree specialties.

Choosing Freshly over other on-demand food delivery services isn’t just a healthy meal-kit system that you customize and have delivered. Here’s why.

Freshly saves you time and money. Take all the complication out of shopping, prepping and cooking, and let the chefs at Freshly prepare restaurant-quality entrees starting as low as $8.99.

Freshly cooks only healthy meals. Do you select the “healthy foods near me” filter when ordering on-demand food delivery and find only a few restaurants? You don’t have to when you order from Freshly. The chef’s “remix the things you love with only thoughtful ingredients you can pronounce.”

The convenience of a Freshly subscription is in your hands. Meals prepared when you need them, on your schedule. Skip, add, and change your Freshly weekly meal delivery to fit your lifestyle.

Less is MORE

All Freshly entrees have LESS SUGAR and are sweetened naturally, meaning the chefs determine the natural sugars in the ingredients sweetening the meals before adding more.

Freshly meals stand miles apart from frozen processed entrees. Only real ingredients come together to make each meal as healthy as possible.

10% of Americans get there commended amount of nutrient-rich vegetables in their diets. Freshly sneaks in more good stuff and finds interesting healthy “hacks” that you need, which never compromises the delicious restaurant-style tastes. Cheers to that nutrition boost!

Manage your Nutrition

Freshly believes, “eating right should be easy for everyone.” Order online or use theFreshly app. Head over to mycoupons.com, review all the available deals, and clip the digital coupon that’s right for you. Start saving today on your customizable Freshly meal subscription. Freshly is giftable too!

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