Do the KIND Thing

September 9, 2020

Daniel Lubetzky, founder and CEO of KIND, found success by challenging assumptions and avoiding false compromises. For almost two decades, this innovative and healthy snack company has created some of the tastiest nut, protein, fruit, and energy bars. With flavors like Dark Chocolate-Cherry Cashew, Almond & Coconut, Caramel Almond & Sea Salt, Mango-Apple Chia, and White Chocolate Cinnamon Almond, there’s no doubt; everybody can have a taste of KINDness. 

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Lubetzky’s humble beginnings as an entrepreneur came from learning about simple and selfless acts of kindness. His father, a Holocaust survivor. It was from this story that his inspiration to grow his “not-only-for-profit” business blossomed. 

Where KINDness Begins

Long before KIND became infamous for its delicious snack bars, Lubetzky worked a unique act of kindness into a collaboration between a group of Palestinian farmers and an Arab glass manufacturing company. When he could no longer purchase his favorite sundried tomato spread, he discovered why. The company was going out of business.  

So, he formed a working partnership. The farmers provided ingredients; the glass company made jars. With his teams in place, Lubetzky continued to produce and hand-sell the delicious sun-dried tomato spread of which he had become so fond. 

Despite the failures and difficulties along the way and against all the odds in a conflicted and war-ravaged Middle East, one idea would blossom and launch a global company on a mission to deliver exceptional healthy food products, “and help make the world a better place.” 


KIND offers subscription boxes, so you never run out of delicious energy goodness. The perks with each KIND subscription box are worth the price of admission. You’ll receive 10% retail prices, free shipping, free sample products with each order, early access announcements, complete ordering flexibility, and free text and email reminders to edit or skip a subscription.

Choose between a 20-count or 40-count box. Mix-and-match all the unique KIND bar flavors, or go all in and get an entire box of your absolute favorite. Then select your delivery frequency. 

You can choose 30, 45, 60 & 90-day delivery windows. One-time KIND bar boxes are available too if the subscription situation isn’t your thing—what a fantastic way to try all the great KIND products without the commitment. But, with a subscription, you’ll KIND’s fantastic perks! And your first order comes with a free KIND tote! 

Cancel a delivery when you need to speed up delivery frequency if you realize you can’t live without KIND bars regularly. You can choose a Kid’s subscription box, order mini KIND bars, and KIND subscriptions are a great way to treat the office each month to healthy snacks too! It’s time to start snacking and saving with this 25% off coupon code!

Be KIND to Yourself.

KIND was born through the generous lessons founder Daniel Lubetzky experienced growing up around and learning from decent altruistic people. And as such, KIND was built on three principles. Think Boundlessly. Work Purposefully. Live Passionately.

Discover KIND, healthy snacks. 

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