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August 11, 2020

Before the COVID pandemic, life for so many was a satisfying routine; focused on working, driving to and from the kids’ sporting events and recitals, and trying to squeeze in a Sunday brunch and other fun activities on weekends. Then, came the lockdowns. For millions of people, there was a paradigm shift. Once busy schedules pivoted towards slowing down and personal reflection. True, there were many “what ifs,” but now, those daily routines have mostly readjusted, here is this precious gift of time.

Time. Something so many hardworking people didn’t have, stood in the way their dreams and goals. To learn how to cook, or learn to speak a new language, do more yoga, learn to play an instrument, and finish that stack of books on the bedside table. For others, its to exercise more, or become an exercise instructor, learn about technology, personal finance, or maybe even start a small business.

Time has become everybody’s friend; allowing each of us to do that one or two “things” we’ve always wanted to do, or take up that passion project that pre-COVID, time didn’t allow. That’s not to say that work still shouldn’t be or isn’t a priority. But this newfound time echoes Diddy’s thoughts about envisioning the future and using that time afforded to us wisely right now. You could be one of the millions signing up for an affordable Udemy online course, studying anything from anywhere, at any time you like.

Education - The Wisest Investment

Education is a wise investment. From design and development to marketing, photography, and music, and so much more, if you have a penchant for learning, Udemy online learning modules can help “start solving your challenges now.” Highly-rated 4-star courses from the students who’ve experienced them start at $89.99. Clip a digital coupon for up to 50-75% off selected courses, or chill on the couch and take a beginner guitar class, while the kids are involved with their online learning this fall. According to USA Today, “Older students are the new normal at college.”

Why? For many, pursuing college dreams straight out of high school was challenging. Exorbitant tuition costs, starting a family, working in the family business, college “not clicking” right away, the tedious application and acceptance process, the cost of visiting campuses. With advances in technology, college is now for everyone. Envision your future, and consider joining the “non-traditional” student body. Enroll in a Udemy course today! You’ve got the time. Don’t forget to clip the digital coupon.

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