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September 2, 2020

The look and feel of how we travel and vacation certainly has changed. Even with all the uncertainty, our daily lives are still in motion. Uber is committed to making your local commuting safe and affordable. What began as a simple ride-sharing program in 2009, has grown into a phenomenal digital platform. Uber drivers transport passengers in over 900 metropolitan areas, in 69 countries. Uber and this coupon code can get you to the places you need to go!

Scheduling a ride for now or later has never been easier. Uber’s ride-sharing app uses the latest technology and algorithms to match you with the right driver and get you to your destination following the quickest and safest routes.

You get upfront transparent pricing at the time you order your ride, and your phone number is safely stored and protected in the app. All Uber drivers are multi-step safety-screened, and every ride with an Uber driver is insured. 

Your safety is important. And during COVID-19, Uber has dedicated themselves to making sure you’re informed and prepared every time you ride with their dedicated COVID-19 online information hub

Uber Eats

As our lives are continually being re-shaped, Uber has expanded their popular Uber Eats on-demand delivery program so you can continue to expect the fastest, most reliable on-demand food delivery services. 

Here’s what an Uber survey of 400 restaurant owners in North America revealed, who hadn’t considered Uber Eats as such a viable third-party delivery service before COVID-19:  

  • 82% - Restaurants relied more on Uber Eats as a crucial part of their business.
  • 75% - Restaurants that would have closed without Uber Eats.
  • 81% - Restaurants that would have laid-off staff members.
  • 92% - Restaurants said Uber Eats provided proactive support to stay operational.

While you continue to support your local eateries, Uber has worked hard to make sure restaurants can keep their doors open.  

Get the convenience of hand-picking from hundreds of your favorite restaurants. Eat what you want, when you want. Delivered when you want! You can even order food from the convenience of your Uber ride, using the Uber app, and intercept your Uber Eats delivery at the front door when you get dropped off!

UberEats takes the stress out of grocery shopping, saves you time, and takes the worries of going out to eat, during this time of uncertainty out of the equation. 

Plus, you can support others through Uber Eats, by sending meals to friends and family who need a little extra help.

Uber for Business

Uber offers an unparalleled multi-dimensional business travel platform. Whether we’re working from home or finding safer ways to return to the office, Uber offers a wide range of services to impress, relieve stress and make your business run smoother. 

  • Treat the office to a delivered lunch through Uber eats. Create a daily meal policy, with delicious food options, contactless delivery, and an easy receipt integration system. 

  • Make work-related trips stress free. Set permissions with Uber’s corporate car service. Track compliance, set spending limits, travel usage and expenditures with Uber’s easy-to-use travel program. Even if your company is entirely working from home.

  • Offer memorable rides to clients, customers and guests. Book rides in advance, track the status of the pick-up, travel time and drop-off, and the best part is, your customers and guests don’t even need the Uber app. That’s impressive!   

Uber is Moving what Matters

Uber has navigation down to a science. Offering free rides for healthcare professionals and first responders, Uber is getting essential workers to the places we need them the most. Need an Uber account? Sign up today using this Uber code.

Uber understands the importance of social distancing. Using the latest technology and algorithms, Uber is delighted to announce its new integrated on-demand delivery system, to move essential prescriptions for patients and pharmacies nationwide. This HIPAA-secure platform protects vital patient information without compromising service to the people who need these medications the most. 

Use this Uber coupon code for $5 off your first ride!

Uber. Rides and beyond. 

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