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August 14, 2020

American novelist, E. W. Howe wrote, “To be an ideal guest, stay at home.” Pretty good advice to take during the pandemic. Staying home and staying healthy shows you’re respectful to others. Isolating, wearing a mask, and social distancing makes you the kind of guest that impresses the in-laws so much that you get invited back again.

We’re all longing to enjoy a casual dinner in a restaurant, catch a movie or concert, workout at the gym, return to the office, and feel the joys of living a normal life. Until that time, since we don’t know what’s around the next corner, or which way the virus is spreading, it’s paramount that we take measures to stay protected from exposure to COVID-19. From the infants to the grandparents, everybody has a role in keeping the home environment as healthy as possible. can help!

School, Work, Play- LIFE!  

Our homes have become an all-in-one gathering place. The living room is an office, and the den is a homeschool. The dining room is for art projects, and the hall closet is the quietest place to take a Zoom meeting. It’s difficult dividing and allotting our time and tasks now. The eight-hour workday, downtime at the gym, and pasta and all-you-can-eat salad and breadsticks night are all squeezed down into the confines of home. Staying focused is tough.


Between breakfast and lunch, safely running errands and a parent possibly commuting to and from work, high-touch surfaces, and coming into human contact has increased exponentially. Counters, door frames, faucet handles, refrigerator doors, furniture, electronics, traffic in the house is a constant buzz of activity. It is important to remember two facts:


●      Asymptomatic family members are capable of transmitting the virus.

●      According to the CDC, “it is unknown how long the air inside a room remains potentially infectious.[1]


This combination has proven to be a never-ending cycle, so it is imperative to take necessary precautions to keep the COVID-19 virus from entering the home.Especially now that our homes are hosting our lives, jobs, schooling, and recreation time. Building a sanitation kit to keep the home clean and virus-free ensures your family’s safety and gets everyone involved keeping the house in top shape! Visit to get a few of the essentials, then checkout the rest of our sanitation kit ideas.

Building a Sanitation Kit wants your family to be safe offer affordable masks and hand sanitizers and wipes to keep on hand for those occasions when we need to venture out into the world to protect ourselves, and others. Stock up on (50) 3-ply disposable or (10) KN95 respirator masks, andGet Health Protection features bulk orders and subscription packages, with no obligations. Changes qualities and cancel orders at any time, with no hassles.


●      Antibacterial Hand or Liquid Soap mechanically removes viruses while washing hands. Don’t forget the 20-second rule.

●      Hand sanitizer should be 60% alcohol-based or higher. Alcohol breaks up the protective protein layer of the virus, which keep it from replicating. Get Health Protection hand sanitizer is 75% and is available in 3convenient sizes.

●      When cleaning surfaces, protect your hands with disposable nitrile gloves.

●      Bleach is an excellent cleaning solution.It disinfects, however, it doesn’t clean like soap, so scrub surfaces thoroughly first, then use a bleach solution.

●    Prepare a bleach solution in a clean spray bottle by mixing:

○     1/3rd cup of bleach per gallon of room temperature water OR

○     4 teaspoons bleach per quart of room temperature water.

●    Bleach solutions are effective for disinfection for up to 24 hours.

●    NEVER mix bleach with other chemical cleaning solutions; the results are toxic and sometimes lethal.

●  Hydrogen peroxide contains a higher percentage of disinfectant properties than other cleaning products. Be warned, hydrogen peroxide has corrosive properties and can breakdown surfaces and discolor countertops.Dilute with water, like bleach.

●   Cleaning and sanitizing wipes have been hard to source. Join the newsletter for essential updates and product re-stock notifications. Use paper towels or gentle cleaning clothes with your homemade cleaning solutions.

Always label your homemade cleaning products with masking tape, name of the mixture, and write the expiration date on each bottle as a reminder to make a fresh batch. Keep them stored safely and securely and away from wandering, curious infants and little ones. Disposal of your cleaning solutions should be done responsibly and using sustainable practices. Keep cloth masks laundered regularly and gather disposable masks daily to ensure to dispose of them of properly, after 1 to 3 days, depending on the mask and recommended CDC guidelines.

Safe Holiday Home Project

Holidays, birthdays, and small approved social gatherings will increase as the summer wanes and the colder months and holidays arrive. Consider a virtualThanksgiving dinner this year, with families and friends both near and far.Christmas might not be an in-person gift exchange; instead, it’s looking more like e-commerce, contactless delivery holidays, but no matter, it’s still the thought that counts.  


Fora lot of people gathering with family this season, the essential traditions cannot go unmarked. Make sure everyone visiting for the season has a clear understanding of your family’s COVID-19 home sanitation protocols. Set expectations early and often, even if it seems like you’re nagging. Keep extra masks and hand sanitizers in each room of the house, and hand out a personal purse and pocket-size tube, or stuff one in a stocking. We have to enjoy our time together and love and support our family, but we mustn’t get lax and take things for granted in the rush of mixing and mingling.

A Family Affair

Before all the toothbrushing and tucking in and bedtime stories, keep your family involved throughout the day, helping to keep your home safe and disinfected.Use a whiteboard and some Dry Erase markers to keep chores organized. Grab twoMason jars and some wooden tongue depressors. Write a cleaning chore on each depressor. Each morning ask the family to grab one, and when the cleaning chore is complete, the depressor goes into the second jar. When the “grab” jar is empty, celebrate with the family and have a backyard barbecue!


StickPost-its in high-traffic areas to remind everyone to wash hands regularly and wipe the surfaces they’ve touched, especially if they’ve come in from being out in public areas. Share your family’s cleaning protocols on social media to inspire other families. Then, at the end of another long week in isolation, order some pizzas and sit together and have a fun game or movie night. After all, you deserve it since COVID-19 has you finding new ways to be a family; living, working, learning, and playing under one roof while keeping each other safe.  


Please contact Health Protection to inquire about their excellent PPE products.

[1] "Cleaning and Disinfection for Households| CDC." Accessed 11 Aug. 2020.

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