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August 20, 2020

 All the on-demand food delivery apps seemingly dropped into the cellphone universe spontaneously. Coming off the incredibly popular car- and ride-sharing programs, it made perfect sense to have strangers deliver food to your home.

In DoorDash's 2013 founding year, the company was known as Palo Alto Delivery and offered users 8 menu items. CEO Brian Xu, inspired by his mother's grit-and-ambitionAmerican Dream goals, set out to start a mission to "deliver good by connecting people and possibility." Join the evolution of convenience with DoorDash and get “more time and energy for yourself and those you love.”  

Evolution ofConvenience

On-demand food delivery may seem like cutting edge technology, but the food delivery market actually has its roots. The evolution of convenient food delivery goes back as early as the 1889 when Queen Margarita demanded a pizza be delivered while visiting Naples, Italy.

Colonial hotels delivered family dinners in the 1800s. Post-Civil-War, lunch boxes were delivered, in a basket, with a blanket, for those in need of a picnic.

By the 1920s, delicatessens were delivering sandwiches and ice cream, and, by the late 60s, early 70s, Chinese food, and pizza kept doorbells ringing as the telephone became more popular. With the dawning of the internet, 1995saw the very first on-demand food delivery service.  

In 2013, four guys from Stanford had a vision, joined the on-demand delivery list with their modified logistic service technology, and today,DoorDash does more than offer pick up and delivery of your favorite restaurant foods.

DoorDash has a new service called Dashmart, available for shopping trips at popular convenience and pharmacy-retail chains in over 1,100 cities. Talk about expansion, innovation, and satisfying all your one-touch cravings!


One-touch CravingSatisfaction

It's estimated that $94 billion accounts for the total global on-demand food delivery revenue in 2019. In an industry celebrating 25years, DoorDash is the largest third-party on-demand food delivery service, in the USA, outnumbering its competitors, in sales, in just 7 years.

As the appeal for fast food and restaurant cuisine delivery increased, so did the demand for tasty selections, which in turn grew the on-demand delivery competition. DoorDash was determined to be included as a downloadable app and part of the one-touch craving satisfaction craze.

Next up, here's why DoorDash, the #1 on-demand food delivery service, in a very competitive North American market, should be downloaded on your device.

If it isn't, go here.

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Reliable,Efficient & Safe Delivery

When The Washington Post put the top on-demand food delivery services to the test for ease-of-use and performance of the overall experience, they wrote, “the service was flawless!”

Technology website, recode, praised DoorDash, writing, “Compared to others ...DoorDash has developed are putation for smarts, [and] how to manage the factors that make a delivery reliable.”

As more and more details of the coronavirus pandemics were faced, DoorDash immediately took responsibility, addressing all safety aspects, concerning their delivery options for consumers, enacting contactless delivery, and ensuring that every Dasher - delivery driver - had access to their stockpile of free gloves and hand sanitizer.

You’re Busy. GetDelivery - Share Delivery

DoorDash understands the hectic lives we're all running in right now. Get over to and sign up for a DoorDash account today. You can choose between several coupon codes with a current or new account.

Take advantage of the latest DoorDash offerings from select restaurants. Choose from all your favorites. For the movie night, when you need gourmet ice cream. When tonight-it's-sushi-because-I said-so seems right, or breakfast for dinner, because, YES, that's a thing!  

With each order, DoorDash's amazing Project Dash program delivers leftover food from schools, senior centers, food banks, and food pantries, to "medically fragile students, healthcare workers, and food-insecure families," and COVID-19 Frontline workers.

DoorDash - “Connecting people with possibility.”

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