Make Car Buying Fun!

September 9, 2020

Celebrate and take to heart the words of famous racecar driver and automobile designer, Enzo Ferrari. He lived by a "what's behind you doesn't matter" kind of mantra. It's a terrific metaphor and sound advice. If you're dreading heading to the car lot, a pushy sales pitch, hours in the lobby; waiting for "the offer," or searching dead-endlessly online for a new car, rest assured, you can put all those days wandering aimlessly and all the old ways of car shopping behind you.

Meet Carmatic - a one-stop virtual showroom, car shopping experience, complete with your own personal, dedicated car concierge. A real person working to find you the absolute best deal, then deliver your dream car to your driveway and hand you the keys.

Use this $100 Carmatic savings coupon towards the purchase of your next new car! 

Proprietary search technology

When you visit, you have several unique car purchasing options. Shop the Current Carmatic Finds and Monthly Specials. Using a proprietary search technology, Carmatic is continually running vehicle searches in the background to locate the best deals and pass on the savings and discounts on their website. 

If you want to get nitty-gritty, chat live with a Carmatic Concierge. You’ll speak about the make, model, color, details, and fun extras - like a moonroof, premium audio system, or rain-sensing wipers - that you simply must-have in your new car or crossover!

There are no fees to use Carmatic, no negotiations, and if you need help contacting your lender, Carmatic will step in and help. They’re just a phone call away!

Get behind the wheel with this $100 savings coupon.

Best of all, with Carmatic, you never, ever, have to walk into a dealership again. 

Buy Any Car You Want!

Literally. Any car. If you want to own an Enzo Ferrari (named after the man himself), tell the Carmatic Concierge! When the search begins, Carmatic uses its proprietary search technology to “access all manufacturer incentives, rebates, warranties and incentivized interest rates for financing or leasing your new vehicle.” 

You’ll never feel rushed using Carmatic when purchasing a new vehicle. Carmatic works on your time. New cars can be bought and delivered the same day, sometimes in as little as 30 minutes. Outside of a 150-mile radius to your home, there may be a small additional delivery fee; however, Carmatic is “all-in,” meaning you’ll get a transparent cost breakdown before committing to the purchase. If you’re craving a turn behind the wheel, ask your Carmatic Concierge to set up a test drive for you.

With Carmatic, you pick the car you want. ANd it’s 100% hassle-free. Carmatic does all the negotiation and works with reputable dealerships. You’ll stay informed during the entire process. And if you’re interested in selling your car, or trading it for a new one, guess what, Carmatic can take care of all those details too. Including picking up your old vehicle, appraising it, making you an offer, buying your vehicle, and quickly getting to work on finding you your new car! 

The way you used to buy a car is behind you, and it doesn’t matter. Go visit the virtual lot. Call (855) 849-0402, or chat with Carmatic Concierge today!

Then use this $100 Carmatic savings coupon towards the purchase of your next new car! 

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