Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow

August 18, 2020

Bombarded with unemployment and infection numbers rising and falling, quite frankly, it gets tiring and overwhelming. There is one small lifestyle change related to financial wellness worth considering. Acorns, a financial technology, and finance company can help anyone looking to invest in their future learn how “Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow.” Even now, when financial wellness is the last thing on people’s minds. But, investing in the future is more important now than it has since the Great Depression.

Thinking about financial wellness and retirement in the time of an unprecedented pandemic seems counter-intuitive. Still, no matter the current economic climate, automatic investing creates a personal stock portfolio that can help when retirement comes knocking, or when a child graduates from high school and makes the leap to college. It also reduces unforeseen financial burdens and gives peace of mind and a reliable nest egg without much fuss, the help of a financial planner, and all that confusing paperwork. Having a cushion of funds to rely on that takes nothing more than $5.00 initial investment to get started is the best way to create a financial wellness plan and build for financial success for the future.

Investing can seem intimidating, especially when it involves continually balancing a budget, dedicating every penny to necessities, keeping food on the table, and preparing to buy clothing and supplies for the new school year. Fortunately, millions of people are investing a $5.00 bill into a new Acorns account to get their mightly oak to grow. Five dollars seems like an insignificant investment, but the payoff is worth it in the long run. Get started with an Acorns digital coupon. Open an account today, and receive an additional $5.00 investment to strengthen the future of your financial wellness portfolio. The benefits are economically rewarding. Plus, shopping is involved!

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Round-Ups for Successful Investing

The best thing about utilizing an automated investing platform is that it’s a set it and forget it way to invest; without all the confusing stock market - trading mumbo jumbo. Five levels of investing: Conservative, Moderately Conservative, Moderate, Moderately Aggressive, and Aggressive allow the money invested over time to accumulate to a projected financial goal without worrying about what stocks are rising and falling. Easy-to-read Help Center articles make everyone an exchange member stock trader from the comfort of their phone.

Choose the round-up option, and for every purchase made on the Acorns debit card or synced bank debit card or credit card, and Acorns rounds up the purchase to the nearest dollar. Change once reserved for the pickle jar now makes money! The round-up is invested in the Acorns account automatically. Need some more incentive?

Explore the world of Found Money. Need some back to school clothes from Target, Nike, Kohl’s or Old Navy? Sign up and purchase from these name brand stores online, and Acorns invests a percentage of each initial purchase, made through the Acorns app, into the Acorns investment account. Shopping has it’s advantages. Acorns offers Found Money incentives from over 100 different brands, from insurance to pets, streaming services, automotive to on-demand food delivery. Add a digital coupon for more savings and apply the code at check out. Don’t take investing too seriously. Slowly gather your acorns for a wealthier, healthier financial future.

The future of financial wellness, retirement, sending the kids to college, and building a worthy financial portfolio to be proud of, belongs to everyone when it’s in the hands of an Acorns account. Don’t forget, sign up today, click on the digital coupon and get an extra $5.00 investment match to a minimum $5.00 initial investment upon opening an account.

Join Acorns now and get $5 to start investing!

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Photo by Fabian Blank on Unsplash

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