Out of the Box Protection

August 11, 2020

Everyone deserves to feel safe. According to HighSecurityHome.org, in 2019, there was one burglary every 13 seconds in the United States. In total, that equals between 2.3 and 2.6 million robberies every year. By the time you're done reading this sentence, 14 seconds will have passed.

When it comes to home security systems, the selection to choose from is vast. Many security systems require a tour of the home, an estimate, scheduling a day for the costly installation and wiring. Other security systems are plain expensive and require an annual contract. Then there are the upgrades and add-ons. A traditional security system package contains a keypad and a few cameras. Additional equipment can cost thousands of dollars. Technology in home-security has evolved. Why not merely order a security system, from SimpliSafe, have it delivered, and upon receiving it, remove the SimpliSafe from the box and begin protecting your home and family within minutes, no tools required.

We're talking consistent 24/7 whole-home protection. Simplisafe home security systems offer emergency service and monitoring, and precision fire detection and water leak alerts. Simplisafe security system is intuitive enough to understand the difference between an intruder entering your home, and dispatching authorities, or when your pet comes to the kitchen on a late-night kibble run.

The attractive Simplisafe design and footprint are similar to that of a virtual digital assistant automation tower. Set it and forget it. Place the SimpliSafe in the home for continuous and reliable 360° monitoring. Every room and closet, every door and window opened or closed, is checked by the Simplisafe home security system and alerts you before leaving the house. Any activity that occurs while you're away and Simplisafe monitoring professionals will call or send a message to your cell phone with detailed information.

The professional staff at SimpliSafe stays with you from the time the authorities are until it is safe to return to your home. That's peace of mind worth investing in for the safety and security of your home and family. In-home professional monitoring from SimpliSafe starts at the low cost of 50 cents per day, and there are never any contracts.

Customized Home Security

Finding the SimpliSafe system that's right for your home starts with a few simple questions. Do you want a SimpliSafe security system for an apartment, home, or business? How many entry doors and accessible windows are in the house? How many sensors would you like to place in the home where an intruder could pass through? You'll then select which kinds of protections you'd like for the home; package theft, water damage/leaks, fire detection, medical assistance, and indoor video footage.

The easy-to-read graphics and animation at SimpliSafe.com indicate which security system fits best to protect your home. SimpliSafe security systems upgrades are affordable and easy to install.  Choose from security cameras (SimpliCams), video doorbell systems, and smart locks that automatically lock the doors if you forget on the way out.

Order a SimpliSafe security system today, and try it with their amazing 60-day guarantee or your money back, and they'll even pick up the shipping cost. SimpliSafe consistently wins 10/10 in customer service and won the editor's choice award from PCMAG. It's clear that a SimpliSafe no fuss, no installation security system with 24/7 professional monitoring and assistance is why Business Insider declared SimpliSafe home security the "best home security system overall." Don’t forget to click the digital coupon.

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