Picture Your Memories

September 16, 2020

It's for sure that at one point (or two) during the COVID-19 pandemic that you've come to realize how much more time you have on your hands. Along with that realization, you've possibly felt frustrated, maybe anxious, certainly bewildered. The immeasurable amount of downtime has interrupted your daily routine and sent you on a crash course straight towards boredom. Perhaps you've cheered yourself up, and lightened your mood by investing your time in a new hobby, picking up a guitar, writing poetry, starting a journal, or tackling the daily crossword puzzle.

You've definitely had more time to devote to exercise and maybe sit still and quiet your mind meditating. You've also had a lot of time to think; about what has brought you to this point in your life, with living in unprecedented times and where you'd like to find yourself as the world eventually comes to heal. We can all rest easier, knowing there is a trusted vaccine.

During times of uncertainty, many of us find ourselves reflecting, picturing our memories, connecting with simpler days, moments in our past, when life moved a little slower, and people seemed a little kinder. And the innocence of our childhood. 

We search for the truth in old photos. Discover all the forgotten camping trips, family vacations, college life, the first new home or apartment with the balcony. Remember those first few moments of having children in the hospital as a new life entered the world. Laugh at the silliness; a new year traveled around the sun and another candle on the cake. Re-visit the egg hunts, decorating the tree and opening presents, carving a turkey, surprise parties, crossing the finish line, showcasing that big fish, celebrating retirement, and so many more precious memories.

Shutterfly can help with your collection of paper and digital photos, turn them into cherished gifts, mementos, stationery, and more, and make the most out of your life's most memorable moments. Get started with this Shutterfly savings coupon.  

Preserve Your Memories

Have you ever thought about getting your photos organized? You should. I mean, you have the time. Although, Spring cleaning, of any kind, never seems fun. It certainly isn't as romantic as writing sonnets or painting a masterpiece. We bet that if you took a tour of your house right now, opened the junk drawer(s), and pulled everything from the top of those inconveniently narrow spaces, at the top of the closets, you'd find some I-haven't-seen-these-in-years photos. And they're stashed in an old shoebox, right? Well, those photos are begging for preservation. Get them out of the box, get them organized, and bring those cherished memories formatted by Shutterfly's innovative technology and unique brand of products and gift items. 

We know for a fact that some of those photos, years, decades of your life, captured on photo paper, once bright with color, are now fading away as time and light break the chemical bonds of the picture dye. And what about your computer? 

How many digital photos do you have stashed away on your hard drive, taking up storage space? How about taking all of those memories and turning them into something new or giftable. Better to preserve those memories now before the images completely fade away. Photos are meant to be seen, not stored away in a dark closet. 

With this Shutterfly savings coupon, you can get started making:

  • Personalized photo mugs to give mornings a sweet boost.
  • Picture collage decorative pillows add some extra visual fun on the bed or couch.
  • Create cozy with a Shutterfly personalized photo blanket.
  • iPhone cases with a favorite photo of the dog or your special someone.
  • Jigsaw puzzles for game night - with your family photos on the puzzle pieces.
  • Storybooks - includes the person's name throughout stories that inspire, educate, and explore.
  • Metal photo tiles - Stick and restick these ingenious tiles to create temporary art installations and interesting collages. 
  • Magnets, mousepads, and calendars.
  • Photo books - choose from a vast array of customizable photo books that tell a unique and engaging story about your life or your entire family's journey. 

What began "as a company that helped people print 4″x 6″ photographs from their digital cameras," has grown into a multi-dimensional artistic platform. Become a part of the Shutterfly family and enjoy free unlimited forever storage of your cherished photos. Shutterfly's unique end-to-end solutions let you capture, preserve, and share life's joy.

Photography gifts us the power of eternal memory. We can use light and shadow to conjure up precious gems that can hold value to pass along to future generations. We are blessed to be coming from a position of strength. We are all fortunate to have the opportunity to pass that power to the world.


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