Technology Makes You Pretty

October 13, 2020

Use a virtual “try-on” app to experiment with foundation, eyeshadow, and lip liner looks, on your face, before taking the plunge and splurging on expensive products. A skin “printer” will cover hyperpigmentation and age spots. You can select from 20,000 shades with a makeup printer device to apply the absolute perfect airbrushed foundation shade. Amid this technology-based beauty competition, along came FOREO. Affordably changing the way we cleanse our face. 

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Swedish beauty-brand company FOREO joined the ranks in 2014 and also captured “the potential of technology” in their line of proprietary sonic exfoliation devices. Their sole mission? To make our lives better! Meet Luna, a spa-level sonic device made from silicone. If you’re looking for some deep exfoliation and brighter, healthier-looking skin, invest in a FOREO Luna device. 

Grab this coupon, then go to, grab yourself a Luna, and fill your basket with FOREO skincare innovation.  

The Luna

With the unique vibrating sonic technology built into the silicone Luna facial brush, “one minute of cleaning equals all-day glow!” The Luna is waterproof and designed with compact rows of tiny silicone beads. These cleansing beads move at 8,000 pulsations per minute as you move the device in a circular motion gently against your skin. 

A timer built into the Luna beeps lets you know when to move to a different section of your face. After one minute, Luna turns off. You look in the mirror at nothing but fresh, bright, healthy skin!

Choose from a wide selection of Luna devices. From the Luna Mini, Luna Play for travel, Luna 2 or Luna 3 for Men, and the Luna Luxe fashioned with 18-karat gold or solid platinum bases, the FOREO Luna is packed with proprietary technology and goes great with some FOREO Beauty Savings.

The Luna fofo

There is no other way to explain the Luna fofo other than it is straight-up e-skincare. The device, a hybrid of the Luna, is a 2-for-1 face exfoliator that also has built-in technology to analyze your skin type and make recommendations for daily personalized skincare.

The Luna fofo device works with the FOREO for You app. As your skin evolves, the Luna fofo is smart enough to “track and respond” to the environment and what’s happening inside your body. It even senses when you need more hydration. With a Luna fofo you can optimize your complexion anywhere, anytime. 

See what the extended line of FOREO T-Sonic (transdermal sonic) pulsation products and this FOREO savings coupon can do to jumpstart you to healthier skin.  

Face it; our skin is being ravaged by stress and free-radicals more than ever. You have a lot of options when it comes to skincare products, but you don’t have a lot of options when it comes to affordable sonic cleansing. Oh, and by the way, FOREO has your smile covered too. Check out their fantastic line of one-of-a-kind sonic toothbrushes to get long-lasting photo-ready, pearly whites.



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