The Place We Call Home

September 9, 2020

There was no place like home other than Kansas for Dorothy Gale. Bilbo settled down in Bags End. Harry Potter lived at 4 Privet Drive. For Laura Ingalls, it was a little house, on a Prairie. The Robinson clan lived in a treehouse. Holmes & Watson solved mysteries from Baker Street. And suppose you're one of the millions of fans of Downton Abbey. Then you are fascinated with the majestic and endless maze of the Highclere Castle and sprawling grounds, as much as exploring the intertwined lives of the Crawley family and their domestic servants. Even Dracula had a home, well, more of a coffin-in-a-castle "home."

While every one of these magical places transported us to faraway lands, or introduced us to important aspects of history, none of these homes had the convenience of a Handy home cleaning, or this HANDY 50% OFF savings coupon!

No matter what fantasy homes from literature we escape to, or how we choose to define the places we live in, a home is continually in need of cleaning. Then, there are the occasional odd jobs; installations, electrical wiring, yard work, flooring, painting, renovations, even moving. For those times, you need Select from a team of vetted, background-checked professionals for all your cleaning and handyman tasks around the house. There has never been an easier way or better time to clean the house! 

Get a quote for cleaning services from by simply entering your zip code, number of bedrooms and bathroom, the date you’d like cleaning services, and your phone number and email. will set you up with an affordable quote. All you have to do is choose weekly, biweekly or monthly, and 3,6, or 12 months of continual service. The more months you choose, the greater the savings! 

You can also select extra cleaning services, like the interior of your fridge and oven, and exterior windows on the house. 

Use and save 50% on your first home cleaning.

Simplify Your To-Do List

Simply your To-Do list. With Handy it couldn’t be easier. Here is a short-list of what you can expect from Handy.

  • The same cleaning professionals are matched to your home every time for consistency and reliability.
  • Your home is cleaned on YOUR schedule. 
  • You create the cleaning checklist and the professionals bring all the cleaning supplies.
  • Secure payments online for your cleaning services, and you can tip your cleaners whatever you want.
  • Make an instant booking for cleaning services from 7am-11pm, 7 days a week.
  • Moving in, moving out, unexpected guests, 
  • Track the progress of your cleaning services when you’re not at home.
  • is making sure to comply with all safety protocols during COVID-19.
  • Need a new TV mounted, use this coupon for 15% off

Handy Happiness Guarantee

A clean house is a happy house full of happy people. Handy is confident that you’ll love the cleaning services provided by your vetted professionals, and they’ll back it up with The Handy Happiness Guarantee. 

What does that guarantee mean for you? If you are not completely satisfied with the services by the team hired to clean your home or office, Handy will send another pro, at no additional charge on your next booking because your experience matters. 

Every time you use Handy, you are personally matched with the right professionals to do the job. And, every match is based on your expectations, not what Handy thinks you need; when a home cleaning booking doesn’t meet those expectations, Handy guarantees to make it right.

All of the work done at your home is insured, so in the rare event something is damaged, Handy has you covered. It’s all a part of The Handy Happiness Guarantee.

If you’re looking for professional house cleaning services, contact Handy. What about installation, outdoor projects, smart security installation, and home renovations, or if your house needs some upgrades - like a new rug, lamps and end tables, bar stools - well, you can shop for thousands of household items at from the comfort of your couch. Installation services are included in the price when you place the item in your shopping cart. Talk about convenience!

Visit, select a service, use this coupon for 50% off, and discover an easy, reliable way to take care of your home.

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