The Power of Jewelry

October 13, 2020

The criminally amoral seductress who loves early morning croissants and window shopping at Tiffany & Co. The buxom platinum blonde cooing about her "best friends," and the call girl shocked and bemused in a moment of surprise as her suitor presents and then snaps a gift box closed containing a quarter of a million dollar ruby necklace to wear at the opera. Holly, Marilyn, Vivian, it seems only a fairytale life is deserving of shiny, sparkly things. Can't everybody have a shot at owning and adoring jewelry? Shop for affordably beautiful jewelry at Jared, and you can. With the lifetime diamond and color gemstone guarantee, you can shop quality stones, 24K gold, platinum, and exclusive Jared collections for every style, every occasion, every declaration of love. 

Find stackable rings, custom engagement ensembles, unique Jared savings on proprietary designs, and “love brilliantly” this season with the new Jared 2020 gift guide. When you shop with Jared, you don't have to break the bank, be a movie star or survive the most famous shipwreck of all-time to own beautiful statement jewelry.

Show the World Your Shine

In 1961, a rock pulled from the earth passed through several international ports and many hands, on a journey to becoming the most famous diamond in the world. A billionaire's wife, keen on some new sparkle, originally obtained the rough-cut 241-carat diamond in 1966. After famed jewelry designer Harry Winston cut the stone to its 66.9-carat splendor, the wife felt offensively that the diamond was "just too big to be seen, let alone wear in New York City." The diamond would eventually find its way around the neck of actress Elizabeth Taylor three years later, in 1969, a gift of pear-shaped brilliance, dangling daintily from a diamond-encrusted Cartier necklace, from on-again-off-again, actor-husband Richard Burton after catching his eye at auction. Known the world over as The Taylor-Burton Diamond, and estimated to be worth $5 million today, Taylor wore the necklace, sporting a $1.9 million price tag only twice. Once to the high-profile 40th birthday party of former Princess (Grace Kelly) of Monaco. And once to the Academy Awards, wearing it a total of 5 minutes on live television to present Midnight Cowboy with the Best Picture statuette. Brief but brilliant, the diamond necklace’s short lived career shines bright in the memory of many an adoring fan. The legendary Taylor-Burton reputation of a love-hate-love relationship wrapped in expensive jewelry oftentimes trumped the brilliance of their potent on screen performances.

Jared celebrates the iconic and timeless pear-shaped diamond necklace with a ¼ carat stone set in 14K white gold. Explore the Vault Values and find your sparkle with these Jared diamond and gold savings.  

Home-wrecker to the Royal family and all-around rabble-rouser Wallis Simpson's love of royal money and big cats inspired famed jeweler Cartier to create Panthera, a panther-style bracelet, which to Wallis was more than simply a fashion statement, it was a slap in the face to the Royal family. Grrr. Today, if you’re in the market for a Panthera-style bracelet, you can opt for the original which is worth $12.5 million, or...

At Jared, you can beautify your wrist with a sterling silver “panther” bracelet for just under $280 dollars. 

Decadence, love, betrayal, mystery, there is something so telling and undeniably universal in the way we use metal and precious stones to announce our feelings. At Jared, there is a piece of jewelry for every chapter in your romance. Speaking of...

A Titanic Kind of Love

An oceanic love story's final chapter, one between a rag-tag Jack and high-society-in-training Rose, saw a ship rendered helpless by an icy kiss, and the beloved pair part with an eternal message of unrequited love, and to "never let go." But The Heart of the Ocean pendant given to Rose by her overbearing finance Cal, the bejeweled centerpiece of the film was innocently tossed overboard. All Rose wanted was to end the suffering of “the trauma that she was so well connected to: luxury, wealth and prestige.” After the necklace sinks out of sight to the bottom of the murky Atlantic, Rose returns to her cabin, falls blissfully into an eternal sleep, awakening in the afterlife to take Jack’s hand on the grand staircase. A reminder of the lives lost, and her true connection: to humankind, not material possessions.

Inspired by the infamous Hope Diamond, the imitation necklace influenced "hearts to go on" worldwide, and if real, would have cost an estimated $30 million. Such a price tag for love and vanity. Rose taught the salvage crew about human life. The selfless act of releasing the necklace to Titanic’s final resting place was a priceless gesture of love and respect. 

In the mood to sport your love of blue diamonds? Jared's blue and white heart-shaped diamond ring set in sterling silver makes a statement! From "Je t' aime," "jag älskar dig," and "Te quiero, to "Rwy'n dy garu di," this gorgeous piece of jewelry says, "I love you," in every language!

Open the JARED value vault today, and discover breathtaking jewelry options for yourself or that someone special. Go ahead, slip something on. Design something one-of-a-kind. Make a virtual appointment. With the color gemstone and  lifetime diamond guarantee, you're sure to find dazzling, sparkly and lustrous jewelry. The collection is waiting for you at Jared, style that shines, beauty that lasts. Make a statement. Are you ready to show the world your shine?

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