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September 9, 2020

Form over function. Influential phenomenon. Obsession with the trivial. There are many ways to describe the fashion universe. The fashion industry has been called outlandish, vacuous, maudlin, manipulative, diva-inspired, comical, expensive, and head-turning. One fashion critic once called it a Clown Cosmos.

Fashion's humble beginnings can be traced back to 1858. Charles Frederick Worth was the first designer to sew a label into his clothing. Today's top designers and clothing manufacturers still find inspiration from classic and sophisticated designs - crisp white shirts, the little black dress, a well-fitted blazer, and quality denim jeans - made famous by Halston, Calvin Klien, and Coco Chanel.

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If you're ready to revive your style, ASOS has selected major brands to step up your look. Get a fresh gorgeous face with MAC Cosmetics, Elemis, and The Ordinary. Turn heads in the hallway between classes and make a memorable first impression at your next job interview when you're head-to-toe in Reclaimed Vintage, Nike, Ellesse, Dr. Martens, Tommy Hilfiger, and The North Face.

What's Your Style?

Vintage! Long live bellbottoms! Vintage clothing styles not only pay homage to specific moments in history; these designs are multi-functional wardrobe staples. 

Couture! Inspired by museums, travel destinations, music, films, politics, history, street style, and nature patterns, designers are continually creating unique and memorable fashion statements.

Ready-to-Wear! Fashion is expressive. Using a combination of visual musings, fashion designers create comfortable, accessible, and relatable clothing that defines society's current mood. 


If ASOS stood for one belief, it would be an invitation to invite you to wear their clothing and discover your freedom. To be yourself and ONLY yourself! And while doing so, be brave and make your life unmistakably happy and extraordinary. The collaboration of fashion and freedom is self-proclaimed democracy! Wear what you want and chart your adventure! ASOS can dress you in self-confidence.

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Welcome to the Fashion Democracy

Want some new fashion? Need a wardrobe upgrade? Then it's time for a Fashion Democracy! No matter how you identify, you'll be deciding what designs to wear from a digital clothing catalog, boasting thousands of hot and trendy selections, classic collections, and staple pieces and must-haves for every season.

ASOS celebrates body positivity! They employ over 200 different types of models to represent their clothing lines. No stereotyping, no conforming to the Paris runways, no body shaming, and no photoshopping. Hey, we all have imperfections, right? ASOS knows that what isn't perfect about you is what makes you so unique! Celebrate yourself!

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Find clothing that fits your lifestyle from a company passionate about making you feel confident about your look. Be proud to wear clothes that support a diverse ethical trade strategy. Everyone working in the supply chain, to get ASOS fashions on your body, is safe, respected, and earns a living wage.

ASOS offers free delivery and returns. Use the Style Match on the ASOS app to personalize your favorite styles. Get alerts when new releases, hot trends, and the seasonal favorites you love are in stock and ready for purchase.

Take the guesswork out of sizing. Enter your measurements with the free Fit Assistant and know at a glance what style of shirt, dress pants, and a sweater is the right fit for you while you're shopping.

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